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Debut LP by Soma & Lil


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Soma & Lil is a cello duo consisting of Soma Allpass and Lil Lacy.

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L A N D E T / R U M M E T

Soma & Lil released their debut album   L A N D E T / R U M M E T   in May 2016.

“Blowtorch beauty... A record or whole piece, which will not leave you in peace. Agonizing, obsessive and with a deeply personal expression, where the boundless leads the way.”  - review by Torben Holleufer in Gaffa (5 out of 6 stars).

Read the complete review of the record L A N D E T / R U M M ET here (in Danish)

In relation to the deput LP, Soma and Lil were nominated for a Danish Music Award in the category of the new jazz name of the year 2016.

Interview with Soma & Lil in TV2 Lorry - as part of a serie about the nominated for DMA Jazz 2016:

Link to TV2 LORRY + SOMA & LIL

Listen to the LP here:

L A N D E T / R U M M E T



c o l l a b o r a t i o n s


s o m a   &  l i l   -   s h o r t   d o c u m e n t a r y

'A music documentary on the art of improvisation. Soma & Lil, a cello improvisation duo based in Denmark, rethink and deconstruct the traditional written music for cello, and develop a more personal way of expression by creating singular compositions that are unique and always changing.'

The short documentary 'Soma & Lil' (directed by Nicolas Iordanou & Sylvia Nicolaides) won Best Short Documentary at the Ishinomaki International Film Festival in Japan / July 2017 and Best Music Short Film at the Queen City Film Festival, in Maryland USA / October 2017.

'Soma & Lil' was created in association with European Capital of Culture - Aarhus2017


Nicolas Iordanou & Sylvia Nicolaides are a part of Kimonos Art Center in Paphos, Cyprus,
where they produce and share art and host an international artist in residency program.


H a r u h i k o   O k a b e

Collaboration with Hichiriki and saxophone player Haruhiko Okabe about Gagaku music.

Copenhagen JazzFestival / LiteraturHaus / July 2017



PNEUMATICKS is a composition of music and film, about the phenome­na respiration – the opening between the inside and the outside.

PNEUMATICKS is developed by composers and visual artists synchroni­cally.

Excerpts from live performance and premiere at Click Festival May 21st, 2017 Helsingør, Denmark

Visual artists: Ann Sophie von Bülow and Ulrik Heltoft

Composers: Lil Lacy and Signe Lykke

Musicians: Katinka Fogh Vindelev (soprano), Laura Mayer (alto), Simon Rønne Rischel (baritone), Morten Lohmann Sønderskov Jensen (bass clarinet), Soma Allpass (cello) and Lil Lacy (cello)

Sound technician: Bjørn Gjessing




U l r i k   h e l t o f t

Ulrik Heltoft + Soma & Lil + Gl. Holtegaard + The Lake Radio

The two podcasts about the collaboration between artist Ulrik Heltoft and Soma & Lil at Gl. Holtegaard April - July 2016:

#1 podcast 4 CELLISTER + 1 KUNSTNER // 4 cellister: Josefine Opsahl, Cæcilie Trier, Soma Allpass og Lil Lacy + 1 kunstner: Ulrik Heltoft

#2 podcast 1 FELLIST // 1 fellist: Andi Otto and his fello system

Photo: Peter Gannishkin

Photo: Peter Gannishkin